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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Values Of Organic Plant Food

In a world consumed with the concept of bigger is better, there is a great controversy over the use of organic or chemical fertilizers to raise outstanding crops. It is important to review the values of organic plant food in order to fully understand that organic is truly the only way to go.

The Power Of Trash

Organic plant food is safe for the environment. If you are using fertilizers to grow plants for food consumption or flowers to enjoy, you want to insure that your choice in fertilizers best supports the soil in which your plants are growing. Using organic plant food improves soil fertility and helps to replenish the nutrients that are lost due to the nutritional demands of previously planted crops. Organic plant food is water soluble, economical (most can be made at home with byproducts from around the house) and easy to use; not to mention that it is not poisonous to pets or children.

The Power Of Compost

Composting is a great way to create organic plant food to grow healthy plants. It is by far the best garden fertilizer that you can use. It contains nearly all the nutrients a plant need and releases them slowly, working naturally with nature, as nature intended. When compost is created out of a variety of different items, it provides and even greater supply of nutrients. Compost can be made out of almost anything organize, items such as dried leaves, stray, wood chips, grass clippings and kitchen scraps. Using the various lawn and household food scraps, a powerful organic plant food can be created at no extra expense. The use of compost has proven to improve soil fertility, provide food for natures microorganisms, stimulate root growth and help certain soils retain water.

Take A Look At The Competition

The use of synthetic fertilizers presents a number of problems. Initially it shows great results in plant and flower growth. But as with all things that are not natural, once you use it, you need to increase the dosage each subsequent time that follows. It takes more of the product to get the same original results. Not to mention that most of these chemicals are poisonous to animals and children.

Organic Plant Food – The Only Way To Go

There is little to argue about when the simple facts are laid out. Organic plant food not only stimulates growth in the intended plants but it increases the earth's natural ability to respond to the world around it. The use of organic plant food is a natural way to give nature a little boost.

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