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Friday, October 16, 2015

Sumptuous Cuisine of Veneto

Veneto is situated in north-eastern Italy. Cuisine of Veneto has a long tradition of satisfying the taste buds of gourmet individuals. This cuisine is quite different from the other cuisines of Italy. This cuisine is quite varied as this region has varied landscapes. Gourmet picnic baskets containing cuisine of Veneto are popular throughout the world. Below mentioned are some of the most popular dishes of this region:

Brasato - This delicious dish is a must have for every gourmet individual. It's main constituents are braised beef meat, Amarone wine and polenta. This dish is ideal for a main course meal.

Gnocchi - These are thick dumplings made from wheat flour, egg, semolina, cheese, potato, breadcrumbs. This dish is served as snack throughout the world. This delicacy is also used as a substitute for soups. In some variations of this dish, melted butter along with sauces, pesto and sage etc.

Moeche - This mouth watering dish is an absolute delight for sea food lovers. It is made from Carcinus maenas, a unique species of crabs. The crab meat is fried and served along with sauces and potatoes.

Baicoli - It is a popular biscuit originating from Veneto. It is named as such as it resembles a Baicoli. These special biscuits are created by double baking and leavening. Savoring these biscuits along with coffee in the evening or early morning will make you feel happy.

Tiramisu - After a sumptuous main course meal, everyone desires a nice dessert. The main ingredients of this dessert are coffee, eggs, cheese, cocoa popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert. After a spicy non vegetarian meal, this dessert is ideal for your taste-buds.

Soppressa - This is a typical Italian salami served along with different varieties of sauces. This salami is made from different meat products like chicken, mutton etc. The best way to enjoy this dish is to have it along with a glass of beer.

Polenta e oxeli - Italy has an old tradition of game. Polenta e oxeli is a tribute to this tradition. This dish comprises of roasted birds like house sparrows, quails, larks, thrushes etc. It is served along with polenta.

Frittole - This is a very popular Italian dessert. It comprises of dough containing orange peel, raisins and lemon peel. In some of the variations custard and chocolate are also used. This dessert is prepared by frying and sprinkling in sugar.

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